amazon covid 19 testkit

Amazon’s latest covid 19 self-test is now up for the users

Amazon is now selling its covid 19 test kit directly to customers, whose results will be displayed on the amazon diagnostic website, which was initially designed for Amazon employees.

The test is on sale for $39.99 with one day delivery and free delivery in some areas .

How does the test work?

For using this test, a patient swabs their own nose at home and places it in a box with a prepaid shipping return label. The swabs are then sent to a centralized lab. This was primarily used only for Amazon employees but now is available for everyone in the US.

The in-house test is the newest Amazon expansion into healthcare. Recently the company started offering its telehealth and at-home health program to other than its own employees in march.


Through the Amazon pharmacy program they are also offering medication for six months at $6.

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