Climb in CO2 levels again, reaches the highest level in 4 million years

co2 levels rise

It’s alarming enough that even a global pandemic could not control the increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

In may 2021 the historic levels were reached which creates a serious concern. This month scientists compared the recorded temperatures year to year to create an understanding of how bad the condition is now.

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), planet heating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere averaged 419 ppm (parts per million) this May.

That hike up of CO2 was comparable to 4 million years ago where it was a little more, the time when the average global temperature was 7 degrees Fahrenheit hotter and sea levels were enormous 78 feet higher than today.

By this range, the scientists are concerned that the CO2 level will keep increasing further which will cause drastic effects on the environment like coastal flooding and inhospitable temperature.

It’s more than high time to check for climatic concerns but still not too late to prevent more damage.

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