windows 11

Just in a span of one week Windows 11 is giving major app goals

Microsoft’s dysfunctional app store is finally getting updated in the newest version of windows 11. Windows 11 is giving an opportunity for many new apps to be available on its store. In the span of a week, it has already brought in some popular apps, making it interesting for the user.

On windows 11 the Microsoft store has changed significantly, coming up with potential desktops app.
Previously Microsoft Store was restricted to its universal windows apps which used to give a very narrow range of apps.

As of now, any app can be part of the store, a move that works with windows package manager Microsoft released the previous year.

In less than 24 hours the windows package manager quickly became better than the windows store. So now your desktops can have you all the apps that you like without any restrictions.


Either way, the Microsoft Store is definitely heading in the right direction, after a decade of being largely ignored. If it can get to the point of having every useful and popular app listed, then that’s a great improvement for Windows users who will no longer have to search around the web to find a trusted installer for their favorite apps.