Ring’s security Camera Drone is now available

For those waiting for the Ring’s Always Home Cam, the wait is over now….

The Ring’s Always Home Cam is ready for its take-off.

From 28th September, the requests for its crash-test dummy invitation have been started. If you are home to US, you can apply to buy it now. Though the devices will be shipped later this year.

It is gonna cost you about $250. It will basically help you keep an eye over your own house while not feeling awkward about always getting recorded. The special feature is being able to record only when in flight while sitting in its charging dock hence blocking its lens when not in use.


It will fly over to specific view angles on your demand and tie into the Ring Alarm Home system and help to buzz over to any of the actions.

According to Jamie Siminoff, it will probably be best for you if used

  • On Single floor as can’t navigate stairs
  • For few minutes to have a check

(due to short battery life)

It’s a tactical device planned keeping in view the privacy of the user as Siminoff himself gave the statement that there’s no chance of it accidentally recording without knowing us. So if you wanna buy it just, go ahead with it.