From Vintage Vehicle To VaVaVoom Car

vintage cars

Vintage vehicles are more popular than ever in India. In fact, they are so popular that the ministry of road transport and highways mandated a new registration rule recently for all vehicles that are 50+ years old and that owners have maintained in their original form. Indeed, vehicles that are already registered can keep the original registration mark. However, those that require new registration will receive a unique VA series mark. It’s worth noting as well that your vintage vehicle is not to be driven for commercial or regular use.

The classic car scene is growing rapidly in India, with both young and old drivers falling in love with vintage vehicles. First-time owners worry about maintaining the look and feel of their vehicles. As rally driver Farah Vakil explains, vintage car owners are “becoming instrumental in widening the appreciation of these cars, keeping it informal and unstructured.” Therefore, understanding how to preserve the car creatively can enhance the luxury sensation drivers experience. Cleaning and fixing the body paint can prevent many issues, ensuring corrosion and mold can’t find any favorable inside and outside the car. Vintage cars can often look worn out as seats and mats show signs of wear and tear over time. Replacement and repair works can inject a new life into the interior. Finally, safety modifications are crucial to make the most of your vehicle. But vintage car owners also want to encourage others to appreciate classic vehicles, making old cars look every bit as exciting as more recent models.

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Wheels that mean business

Classic wheels are often iconic. It’s hard not to love the compact classic MINI alloy and rim, for instance. However, classic alloys and rims tend to appear worn out and damaged after many years on the road. While drivers can find services that offer to recoat classic wheels, it might be more beneficial to consider upgrading the wheels and tires of your vintage vehicle with expert guidance such as this blog to prolong the life of the car. The process will also improve maneuverability and road safety.


Give it more humph

Regardless of how much love and care a car receives, old vehicles tend to lose power with time. Classic engines are old, and therefore they can become slower and less predictable on the road. If you wish to use your classic vehicle more frequently, or even as your everyday vehicle, you will need to consider one crucial modification: Putting a new engine under the bonnet. The replacement process is time-demanding as it often requires adjusting for transmission and other components to work after the change. Yet, it is possible and can significantly enhance your driving experience.

Itinerary at your fingertips

Another crucial tech enhancement in a vintage vehicle is the addition of an entertainment and itinerary system. You might be concerned about using a GPS inside a vintage car. But, thankfully, there are plenty of options to install touchscreen navigation and audio system in older vehicles. Take a look at this detailed step-by-step instruction guide on how to install an infotainment system in old vehicles, relying on android-powered head units, a touchscreen with a removable screen, and a mountain kit. Ideally, you can turn to a professional car mechanic/car electrician for support. However, car owners who are confident in their DIY skills can safely mount the system to upgrade the vehicle to the modern days.
You can even consider adding a BlueTooth pairing connection, so you can directly connect to the Spotify app on your mobile. In a few clicks, you’ll be ready to play your favorite music playlist. Who’s ever dreamed of listening to the latest BTS song in a classic 1950s Jag? Consider it done!

Refreshment holders

While everybody knows you shouldn’t eat in your car, collecting takeaway food and drink is a popular activity in everyday life. There’s only one problem when it comes to a classic vehicle. Storage space was not designed for modern facilities. So, you’d be hard-pressed to find a suitable nook for your coffee cup. However, the good news is that dedicated storage can be added safely and easily to classic cars. Aftermarket cupholders are a practical solution, ensuring drinks can be transported safely without burning either your lap or your hands. Another smart invention that you probably didn’t know you needed in your vintage car is the onboard coffee-making machine. This is pretty much the equivalent of bringing your 1960s vehicle directly to the future, offering services that even modern cars lack. The Handpresso Auto espresso machine plugs into a 12v socket and makes a fresh espresso in under two minutes.

Classic cars have an iconic presence on the driveway. Yet, on the road, they can be slow, inconvenient, and plain unpleasant to drive. If you want to bring your vintage vehicle to the modern age, these modifications can turn old into new again.