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January 15, 2017 Technology

What Happened to Cynogenmod

CyanogenMod came into market as a community-run open source ROM. Before the launch of high end devices like the pixel and the nexus, CyanogenMod was the unique and most preferred way to get a pure Android experience. In 2013, the ROM’s lead developer Steve Kondik and several other developers incorporated Cyanogen Inc. to develop commercial variants of the ROM, venturing directly with manufacturers like OnePlus to bring their ROM to more phones. Since then, all the new versions were maintained and distributed by Cyanogen Inc.Sadly, if you use CyanogenMod right now, there’s a sad news. Cyanogen Inc.’s official statement confirms that all CyanogenMod-related services will be discontinued no later than December 31st. CyanogenMod was the most popular and interesting custom Android ROM. But sadly it has been discontinued, as a result of conflicts within the internal management system of Cyanogen Inc.But the same time, we have a good news for you too: A new successor to CyanogenMod called Lineage OS is on the table now, and it will not disappoint you if you loved CyanogenMod.


The source code for the CyanogenMod project remains online and open for anyone who wants to take up the project or use it to build their own versions and that’s what many of the developers on the CyanogenMod team, as well as Kondik himself have exactly rolled out. The CyanogenMod team informed that some of its members will create a successor of CyanogenMod called Lineage OS. In the announcement, the team ensured the audience that Lineage OS will not disappoint and it will become larger than that of cyanogen.

Cyanogen is not completely shutting down but they are not focusing on their new project, which will be called Lineage OS.

There has been some briefs in the markets that the current project nickname is “Laos” or LAOS, the full form is "Lineage Android Operating System". The team is working on it, and it does have lot of code from CyanogenMod base. We don’t have much knowledge about the project or its status, and it’s safe to say it is going at a good speed.

Currently the old CyanogenMod website is down and now new Lineage OS website is live. As per the new site, the company says, “LineageOS will be a successor to CyanogenMod. The latest post on the Lineage OS website reflects that the official build of the new ROM will start rolling out soon.

On the better side, CM ROM fans can assure themselves that the Lineage OS will continue to build on the original source code of CyanogenMod. The future is amazingly great for CM 14.1 ROM users as they can now install and put their hands on the unofficial Lineage OS 14.1 ROM via XDA and Android communities.

As CyanogenMod ROMs will not receive any official support from 1 January 2017.
Unfortunately, that’s all we know for the moment. Cyanogen Inc. made its decision on a very short notice. Meanwhile Lineage OS has had little time to prepare any kind of transition for CyanogenMod users and develop a good solid platform to completely refill the gap that has been created due to the discontinuity of cyanogen. We hope that we will soon get more information about the lineage OS. Till then stay connected with us for latest updates about lineage OS.

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