Features of Latest Android 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat is an updated version of Android that was running last year. The upgrade is initially available for mobiles in August 2016.Depending on the mobile type you have,there can be a case that you are still waiting for the update.So,if you have got the update or still you are waiting for the update, there’s one certain doubt in your mind you’ll want to clear it,what are the reviews for this Android OS update? and should i eagarly wait for it?If you’ve been wondering that we have knocked into a new era of Android, you may be disappointed after using it. Android 7.0 Nougat’s goals are more inclined towards laying down a platform for the future development of android,hence it lays down a new scope for the developments in android.But in short,after the update,you will have a sense thst your phone has started running faster. HERE ARE THE FEATURES OF THE NEW ANDROID 7.0 NOUGAT


We’ll start with a feature that you may well have met before.

On-screen multi-tasking has been added to this addition of android noughat,this is the common but a usefull addition. You can split your screen and perform Multi-Window multi-tasking by long-pressing the square soft key that normally lets you swipe out apps quickly. This splits the screen in half and lets you do different tasks on both screens.


In addition to the changes to multi-tasking,the new notifications style has also been introduced.Notifications have become far more involved in mobile working.Earlier mobile notifications were just to show the activites of mobiles and apps and one could easily swipe away those notifications, Now android nougat has given more details notificaton style,user can directly see and reply to the text on the notification,rather than open the app and doing the same.Thus once again it makes the mobile tasking easier.


Now You can alter the toggles that form part of the notifications drop-down.You choose which switches appear and the order in which they’re arranged.


Rather than taking an “on” or “off” approach to background data, this feature lets you specify the apps that do and don’t have access to your connection while the screen is off.This means that you can choose that which app can have access to your data and which can be restricted.We always hear from our viewers that facebook and instagram eats lots of data and we cant switch off our data because we need to check emails and whatsapp,so my friends here you have got an easy solution to your problem,Say thanks to ANDROID NOUGAT.


There’s another change to Android 7.0 Nougat and that is an advanced app interaction. It’s Vulkan.

This is a graphics API that developers use to get into a device’s hardware when coding an app or game. Until Nougat, Android had used OpenGL ES – a rival API. The big difference between it and Vulkan is that the latter is a lower-overhead API, providing more direct control over the hardware. This should result in better performance and less reliance on the need for optimisation for specific GPU types.


Android 7.0 Nougat also changes the day-to-day performance of devices in a fairly fundamental way. Google has added a JIT compiler, which changes how apps are installed, loaded and run. Android 7.0 Nougat also features a new version of Doze, which Google introduced with Android Marshmallow.

With Android 7.0, Doze is meant to peep in even if the phone is in your pocket. It restricts background data calls to managed intervals, which should reduce power consumption.


So,ANDROID NOUGAT has been attractive for the new developers who can use the new vulkan API to get into high end games.android 7.0 also tried to speed up the performance and it really does.Google has adopted more of its previous look only,just leaving a scope for better anroid developments in coming future.