Benchmark Cheating by OnePlus devices

One have to understand when we manufacture anything like Computer hardware, we have to follow certain laws, certain measurements, certain nomenclature, certain benchmarks or standards, so that the end users like you and me will get an idea about the performance of the product or device which was claimed by seller or manufacturer at the time of sale and we also want the product we purchase to deliver and full fill our requirements.While purchasing, we blindly put faith on the specifications and details of the product, why, because we have faith in agencies which are responsible for the inspection of products, these agencies maintain their tight vigil on each and every product launched in the market. After deeply going through the “OnePlus 3T” they found that there are serious flaws in their operating system and concluded that the device artificially boosts processor clock speeds when running certain benchmark applications keeping it CPU Cores running at higher rates even when there was virtually no processor workload. Not only OnePlus but many other brands are also doing same or related cheating.

XDA Developers observed that in one plus 3T Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Cores will remain on higher side 0.98GHz for little core and 1.29 for big core in an easy layman language they are giving underrated technology or underrated operating system and hardware but claims that they are much better than that at producing products as per benchmark.

Now, whatever company promise to deliver in near future no one will be going to believe. This will be one of the great gaffes did by OnePlus, and if we see on other side XDA proves itself again and gains the faith of commons and layman.