Cores – Is it Just a Game of Numbers

While having a look and research on various smartphones in the market, we often hear the words Quad-core and Octa-core. Do we really know the difference between these two? Or is there any difference between these two? A couple of years ago, the smartphone market was dominated by Quad-core processors. Now, the companies have slowly moved on to what we call are octa-core processors.So, the big question is that do we have knowledge about the cores that power our smartphones? We have the answer for you:

The number of processor cores in octa-core is double than that of quad-core chips. But, does it makes octa-core 2 times powerful than quad-core? No.

The difference is far more than just the numbers. The Key difference between Octa-Core and Quad-Core is “how the processor cores are placed and how they work”.

Talking about the Quad-core, each core is put to a work simultaneously for the given task. This enables smooth multitasking, fluid 3D gameplay, a faster camera and many other things.

Whereas, in the current generation octa-core, we have two pairs of Quad-core processors and they distribute the task among themselves according to their types. At the time of performing normal regular tasks, the lower powered cores will get the task. When the task is advanced, the faster set of cores will mark their presence. Hence instead of saying “octa-core” we call also say it as “dual-quad-core processor”.

Thus the term octa-core doesn’t mean doubling of a Quad-core processor to give double power to the device. It reflects two individually working quad cores that are set up together in one chip that gives you a greater energy saving and fast tasking.

One more question comes to the mind that is the octa-core is better than quad-core? Not necessarily every time. Taking an example of Apple, the company successfully squeezed out amazing energy and performance from a dual-core too, so it’s not just the number of cores that make the device better.

For more questions and doubts related to the cores, feel free to mail us and we will surely try to get your doubt clear.