Huawei P10 Specifications and Features

Huawei gave one of the most selling devices of 2016 in the form of P9. Many customers liked this device and the P9 came out to be a successful journey for Huawei. P9 was the device that gave a premium flagship feeling to those customers who cannot afford the likes of iPhone and Samsung galaxy S7.Huawei is back in 2017 with P10. This device seems to be an upgrade for P9 and now this device is ready to give good competition for the devices in 2017.

At MWC 2017, Huawei came up with two devices named as “Huawei P10” and “Huawei P10 plus”.
As the device is just like an updated model of P9, the “Huawei P10” comes with a screen size of 5.1 inches whereas the “Huawei P10 Plus” comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches. Both devices are with 1440×2560 WQHD resolutions.

As we know that Huawei has its own processor, so both the variants of P10 feature Kirin 960 processor that powers its 5.1 EMUI software.

Both the models are different on memory. “HUAWEI P10” comes with 4GB of RAM with an internal memory of 64GB.Whereas “Huawei P10 Plus” comes with 6GB RAM with an internal storage of 128GB. Both the devices can be expanded through a MicroSD card.

Having a look at the batteries, “Huawei P10” comes with a 3200mAh battery whereas “Huawei P10 Plus” comes with a 3,750mAh battery.

After a pause, The Leica dual camera is back in the market. The camera is one of the most amazing features of this device. There are lots of improvements in the camera as compared to P9. Firstly; the monochrome sensor is now 20mp as compared to 12mp. The color sensor is 12mp with is same as before. There are also improvements in the lenses that will be able to give premium quality photos. Talking about Huawei P10 plus, this device has a great camera. It features a dual camera 2.0 and it also gives amazing photo quality in low light areas.

The Portrait mode of this device has been one of the features that everyone is talking about. With the dual lens setup in P10, this device has the ability to detect and track the face and it can also make adjustments in light and other features. This will improve the photos that have any person in it.

Same like rear camera, the front camera is also smart built to distinguish the fact that the user is taking a selfie or a group photo. According to the need, the camera has the ability to give angle adjustments.

The fingerprint sensor has now been shifted to the front home button area. Earlier it has on the back side of the device.

The Price of this device is expected to be at 685 dollars which is yet to be confirmed. Kninevox team is having a very close look at the MWC 2017 and we are bringing up the latest updates for the same. Stay tuned to kninevox for more updates and reviews.