Xiaomi coming up with its own processor

Developing a processor is a huge task; it involves a lot of workforce, investment and management. Xiaomi has decided to go for such task. Yes, Xiaomi is reported to be working on the project to make its own processor. According to The Wall Street Journal, Xiaomi is working on its own new processor which has been named as “pinecone”. The report says that Xiaomi is planning to launch its own processor by March 2017 through the launch of its upcoming device, The Xiaomi Mi 5c.There were rumors in early phase of 2015 about Xiaomi developing its own processor after the event of partnership between Leadcore and Xiaomi. If Xiaomi makes its own processor, it will become second Smartphone Company after Huawei to do this successfully.

This is a very well-played strategic move by the smartphone giant Xiaomi as now the company will not be dependent on third party manufacturers for its processors which gives it a huge competitive edge over other players in the market. This move will definitely make Xiaomi a good preferred choice over the other players in the Chinese as well as world smartphone market.

The biggest advantage of this move is the reduction in costs. Already Xiaomi offers very competitive prices for the smartphones, after this progress, Xiaomi can seriously hurt its competitors by launching new smartphones at very competitive prices to make a good hold over the market share.
Samsung also launched its processor named “Exynos”. Thus now the companies have started to find out a way to make their smartphones more competitive through their own processors helping them in cuttings costs also. Thus there won’t be any shock if other smartphones giants also opt for making their own processors in the coming future.