NOKIA brings back the old hit – NOKIA 3310

Nokia is shifting its gears in the market now. Nokia has started to make its due impact on the market with the launch of some great smartphones. There are many new launches awaited this year and those launches are expected to help Nokia to regain a part of market share that was lost long ago.Nokia is also bringing back the old times. Yes, Nokia has adopted a unique strategy that and it seems that it will be in favor of Nokia too. According to the sources, Nokia is planning to launch its one of the most successful mobiles of all time named Nokia 3310.

In today’s scenario where everyday a new smartphone hits the market, Nokia is playing a unique game. Nokia 3310 was a sensation of that era and it was a very popular device.

The Nokia 3310 is a GSM mobile phone that was announced on September 1, 2000 and was subsequently rolled out in the fourth quarter of the year. The phone was a huge hit; Nokia sold more than 126 million units of this model. This device was famous for its durability.

Now it will be interesting to see how the customer will react to this launch. We have seen a lot of craze for this news in social media and we are sure that people will go for it because recent trends have seen that customer do likes to have one basic mobile as an emergency calling and long battery life. Till now, it is said that Nokia is expected to launch Nokia 3310 again at MWC, 2017. Rest we have to see more updates on this news, till then stay tuned to Kninevox for latest updates.