Social Media Apps To Watch in 2021

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For many years Facebook was the most popular social media app. Recently WhatsApp has become as popular as Facebook’s messaging app. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook so it’s not too important to them.

As social media becomes more popular other countries have started to make their own types of social media apps and are becoming more popular. Below is a list of few apps that are gaining popularity.


Telegram is considered a popular social app because of its secret texting. The level of privacy is one of the biggest reasons this app is becoming more popular. As we learn more about apps selling information people are becoming more open to looking into more secure, private apps.

The brand can connect to users instantly. Businesses can connect with their users instantly so they are able to broadcast messages to several subscribers at once. Although the government has tried to cause multiple issues with the company they have still gained a lot of popularity compared to other top social apps.


Some of Telegram’s best features

  • Encrypted messages
  • Turn off notifications and message previews
  • Completely free
  • Personal cloud based storage


Meetup is another social app taking the app world by storm. This app helps people who are in the same general area meet people who have similar interests.

The app works with the idea of “When we get together and do the things that matter to us we’re at our best.” There are subscription plans that range from one month to six months. The one-month one is $9.99 and the six-month one is $29.99.

Some popular features of Meetup are:

  • Save events you are interested in and view them later
  • Easy to switch between locations
  • Explore events by category
  • You can personalize and schedule events


Reddit, although it’s been around for quite a while is gaining in popularity the last few years. It has a great design and is free to consist of many intelligent groups who get together chat, send videos, and pictures. There are many forums where you can basically discuss anything and have different levels of engagement. Look into it and explore to see what gets your attention.

Some popular features of Reddit

  • Discussions on multiple topics from all over the world
  • Choices of conversations
  • Create and moderate subreddits to build your own community
  • Comment and upvote or downvote posts


Unlike traditional social media sites Facebook or Twitter which provide an asynchronous platform for communicating and sharing content, Clubhouse leverages synchronous, audio-only connectivity between the audience and the speakers. It’s not quite a podcast, but a more personal way to share information with your audience who can talk back to you in real-time.

You might be wondering “What actually happens in Clubhouse?” And the truth is a little bit of everything. Topics like starting a business from top VCs, relationship discussions hosted by celebrities, and even comedy clubs by up-and-coming comedians all find their way in front of live audiences.


For now, Clubhouse is still in the beta stage and is only available for iOS devices, but still, the app has gained a lot of popularity in the tech space.

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