Snowstorm affects multiple US states, leaving millions without power in Texas

snowstorm in us

If you have watched the weather lately, you know what is going on in multiple US states. Some of these places have never seen a winter like this and were unprepared. At least 23 have died in four states with freezing temperatures and impassable roads. With another storm coming in, they haven’t seen the last of this weather yet.

From Texas to Massachusetts, 115 million Americans were in the path of this winter storm. In Texas, there are over four million people without electricity. Some say this is because their primary source of electricity has frozen up due to this deep freeze. With another storm on its way, some have said the earliest they can expect their power back on is Saturday, and that’s not a guarantee. Others say that the turbines aren’t the reason, and instead, it’s because Texas wasn’t prepared for a deep freeze.

Oregon and Kentucky reported that more than 100,000 customers are without power.  In Kentucky, around the Reidland area, people are being told to consume the gas in their houses because gas lines are freezing. There is more than a foot and a half of snow in the Chicago area, shutting down in-person classes.

Texas will not have relief yet because with the next storm passing through, the city could see up to half an inch of ice. This storm makes Texan’s situation more devastating. Many people e using their stoves and other unsafe ways to keep warm. A woman and girl died on Tuesday from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at home from running a car in an attached garage as a source of heat.


Across the lower Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, they are expecting another 3-6 inches of snow. In Oklahoma and Arkansas, some areas could see up to 8 inches of snow. Even Northern Louisiana may be seeing a couple of inches of snow and nearly a half-inch of ice. Over 76,000 people did not have power on Tuesday morning.

Some parts of Indiana’s hair received 13 inches of snowmaking travel, almost impassive in many areas. The storms and cold are not over for them either. Another storm will be moving in Wednesday night and not ending until late Thursday morning. Saturday central Virginia had the most significant ice storm it’s experienced in two decades. Thursday, they are expecting another possibly more significant storm to come in.  As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 3,400 people were still without power.

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