AirTV – Over the air streaming device by Dish

Video surfing has now become one of the major hobbies of the tech savvy people. Watching videos over travelling or in free time or for educational purpose, everyone wants a perfect experience. To build a better video surfing experience for the customer, companies are making good investments in research and development to bring to technologies in the hands of the customers. And that’s what DISH TV has done.

DISH TV has launched a new set-top box which is named as AirTV and it has already attracted the interest of the customers. This is basically a technology that gives you three difference video experiences on one platform. This is based on the technology on Android TV. This service joins the Sling TV service with apps in the Google play store and it also establishes connection with over the air antenna to give free livetv experience also.

With this technology, AirTV becomes combined option for all types of video surfing types. This will give you videos over the air, cable channels through Sling TV and rest all the other videos from the Google apps. At the launch, company gave Netflix and YouTube as the examples and any other app can also work on it. Even if any source has a 4K content, you can also access that with the help of AirTV.

In the 4K market, YouTube and Netflix are the major players currently. But we will see more players coming soon into this market.


Looking at the AirTV, It has the following features:

It has been given a Bluetooth remote that also supports voice control that has now become an integral part of the Android TV. The remotes provides you shortcut options for the Netflix, slingTV and YouTube .Dishtv has not given much thought about the looks of this setup. But this can be ignored if this setup gives a best video experience.

You need to plug the antenna into the box of AirTV and any network the antenna catches will be shown into your SlingTV channel list.

DishTV has rolled out two variants in the market. First one is 130 dollar model which has an adapter kit to help you viewing over the air channels. Second one is 100 dollar model which has the features of internet TV only. You can buy the antenna later also by paying 40 dollars for the same.

AirTV is available for sale and we are yet to see how it goes. If you have used this, kindly share your experiences with you. We will also come up with the viewing experience from this setup. Stay tuned with Kninevox for major updates in the technology world.