Skins for S8 and S8 Plus available for preorder at dbrand

There is still some time for S8 to be launched in the market. This mobile is making the most buzz in the mobile industry in the recent times and Samsung are already up with a teaser that almost reveals the true design of its upcoming flagship.

But dbrand a popular manufacturer of skins for smartphones has gone a step further as they have made the skins available for preorder for the upcoming Samsung S8 and S8+. Their site provides you the functionality to choose the desired skin colors and textures allowing users to customize how their phone looks and you can do the same for S8 and S8+.

On their website you can see the virtual models of Samsung S8 and Samsung S8+ and skins for them can be chosen as per user’s taste. For now the skins are available for preorder only, this might be because in reality Samsung has not yet revealed their phone officially.

The official date for S8 launch is 29 March but it looks like dbrand have unofficially revealed the newer Samsung flagships to the public even before Samsung itself.