India getting ready for 5G as Govt plans to auction 5G band spectrum

The Indian government is now shifting its focus to give a thought on the all new 5G in India. After the introduction of 4G in India, the telecom sector has shown a lot of growth, more people have connected to the internet and telecom companies also had their best times in the market.

To continue the growth of telecom sector, The Indian government has now decided to start the auction of 5G spectrum this year. Along with this, the government has also planned for the auction of 700MHz band that received a bad response last year due to high prices.

The auction for 5G will be started through the auction of bands above 3,000MHz. Along with this auction the other bands such as 800MHz, 900, 2,300, 2,100 and 2500 MHz will also be sold.

5G spectrum will be available in the bands of 3,300MHz and 3,400MHz. With this auction, the government tries to push the new era of telecom services and internet usage that has video surfing and also the government tends to work in the area of smart city development through this auction.


As per the report by Ericsson, 5G is expected to be available for the public use in 2020 and it is also expected that in 2022, 10 % of the population will be covered under the 5G technology.

In the last auction, the 700MHz band got no response due to very high reserve prices and it is expected that the prices will be re estimated and then it will be under the auction again.

The Government has been very confident on the 5G spectrum auction. But on the other side, we expect that it can be a failure as most of the telecom companies are under huge pressure after the entry of reliance Jio in the market. In such circumstances, it will be interesting to see how the auction will go.

The exact dates and other criteria of the auction will be released soon and then we will cover the auction and we will give you regular updates about the development of 5G in India. It will be also interesting to see that how reliance Jio will react on this auction and how the other companies will decide their approach to this particular event.

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