Looking to buy Dell Convertible XPS – Read this review before buying it

Dell had earlier introduced a laptop named XPS 13 and now dell has tried to upgrade it by giving the convertible version of the same XPS 13 model. With this launch, dell tried to compete with the convertible versions of Lenovo and HP. So, Today we will give the review for this convertible laptop so that you can decide if you need to go with this or not.

Talking about its price, the base model of convertible XPS starts at 1200 dollars, this means that it is 200 dollars higher than the XPS 13 laptop. This laptop comes with the chip made by Intel kaby lake core i5-7Y54.It is a 7th generation chip. The laptop features Intel HD graphics with a graphics processing unit. The dell convertible XPS 13 comes with an LPDDR3 RAM of 4GB and it has a solid state drive of 128GB.The laptop comes with another variant that has an i7-7y75 Intel chip, with 8GB of RAM and SSD of 256 GB. This variant costs 1300 dollars. So, the idea is, that you get the convertible version of XPS 13 laptop by paying 200 dollars more and losing a few features too. Is the extra 200 dollars’ worth paying for the convertible XPS 13? Here we give you a brief review of this launch.

Most of the experts associated with KNineVox have said that it is not that much worth to pay 200 dollars more for this laptop. Kninevox feels that still the convertibles of Lenovo and HP stand better than the dell convertible XPS 13.But you still cannot write it off.

This laptop gives you an easy flip screen that goes 360 degrees and this makes you in love with it if you are a movie-addicted user. You can watch movies in bed or in any position with this option. The laptop is made of good metal and it makes it thinner and shorter in size. But that doesn’t mean that this laptop becomes a hit.

Having a look at the performance of this laptop, it was just okay. What makes it more difficult to use is that the power button has now been shifted to the right edge of the laptop. This makes it little difficult to push it and switches on or off the laptop.

The Keyboard of this laptop is not really good for the regular typing users. The keyboard has a backlit that makes it beautiful, but usage doesn’t make it as good as it looks. The HP’s Spectre x360 can give a better typing experience than this laptop. The typing is not user-friendly, at the typing times, it is expected that you will hit other keys accidently, especially right and left arrow keys.


Other cons of this laptop are that you get a small battery that gives you 46 hours. Dell has claimed that this laptop will give you a battery life of 15 hours. But our experience was not that much amazing, the laptop gives you an average 6.5 hours of battery life.

You also have to compromise with the number of ports. The convertible XPS 13 has two USB-C ports and it lacks USB-A port. You also have to compromise with SD card slot here as you will get only a microSD card slot on this laptop.

The front camera of this laptop is placed just below the display but it is not a really good one as per the industry standards. One thing that good about this laptop is that display looks very good with the bezels around it.

Some good points of this laptop are that the screen is full HD and it is very good and bright in display. It is 13.3 inch in size. The sound quality of the speakers is better.



As per the various experts, the old XPS laptop is still a better choice than this convertible version of XPS 13.There may be a scope that you have a wish to buy a convertible laptop. In that case, we will advise you to go with HP’s spectre or the Lenovo yoga 910.Both of these have a starting price of 1200 dollars. This was all about the XPS 13 convertible laptop. For more updates and reviews about the gadgets and mobiles in the market, stay tuned with KNineVox.