Customize your phone with Android Taste Tool by Google

One of the biggest advantages of having an android device is the options provided to customize it and have the user experience according to one’s need. But not everyone can design well and results can be pretty bad.

So Google has come up with an amazing tool that can help you design your mobile on the basis of your preferences.

The tool is #myAndroid Taste Test and with its help customizing the phone becomes really easy. The test asks you a series of questions and you have to make your preference on the basis of color, shape, patterns etc. At the end of the test it provides you with a few choices that it thinks suits you as per your chosen preferences.

This Test can provide you with amazing results, from wallpapers to keyboard it provides a customized option for your phone’s look. At the end you can download the results provided to you. There are download links to the tools on the playstore if you think you liked the result.


Well this tool is worth a try as results obtained sometimes can be pretty amazing. Take the #myAndroid Taste Test.