Do you know that Google has been rewarding huge amounts to those developers and researches who submit some crucial bugs and other problems in any of the products of Google? This program was named as “Vulnerability Rewards Program”. Under this program, Google used to pay an amount of 20,000 dollars to any individual, firm or any other authority who submitted crucial bugs or any other drawbacks in the Google products.

Now there has been an increase in this reward amount. Now Google has announced that the rewards price in the case of remote code execution with respect to Google servers will be 31,337 dollars. This is around 56% hike in the reward price. In the case of database access and URS (Unrestricted file system) the reward money has been increased to 13,337 dollars which was 10,000 dollars earlier. This is nearly a 33% hike in the reward money.

Experts says that Google has increased this reward amount because now the critical and crucial bugs and drawbacks have been really hard to find and Google has tried to boost up the researchers to keep researching on the same so that Google can keep its products and services clean and clear.

Google has also mentioned the fact that now researchers are taking long time and more funds and resources to find such vulnerabilities and due to this Google felt the need to increase the reward price to boot all the people associated with such kind of research work.


Google also released some statistical data on the fact that which countries have been leading and have earned significant amount of rewards. Looking at the year 2016, India had sent 40% reports about such bugs as compared to the year 2015.

In the terms of Ranking, China has been on the top spot with multiple time increase as compared to 2015. France had a 44% increase in submission of such reports and Germany had 27% increase in submission of such reports.