5G Network is now Possible with Intel

Every company is trying to make a mark at MWC, 2017 by one or another way. Companies have released some of the great smart devices and technology and MWC is getting exciting as it comes to end on 2nd March 2017. MWC is such a big platform and it’s impossible that we don’t hear anything for the chipmaker giant Intel. And as expected, Intel came up with a blast and revealed their plans about 5G.It is sure that Intel will play a huge role in make 5G a success in smartphones and it has been reflected the same at MWC. Intel has discussed its 5G plans and has said that the company has decided to have partnership with big names of the industry so that this next gen technology can be tested as soon as possible.

According to Intel, 5G will not only help in boosting the internet speed but help in optimum utilization of the device connected to the network. To make 5G into reality soon, Intel states the fact that for an effective 5G network, the networks are to be made more intelligent, efficient and more reliable and every expert feels that Intel is the best company who can do this.

To get make this plan more effective, Intel has stated that the company will have collaboration with big names such as Nokia, Huawei and Verizon. Intel has already started working with Verizon for this work.
CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich gave a statement that the company looks to roll out this plan in 2018 and that’s earlier than as promised by Ofcom in 2020.

Other big names that are included in this collaboration are AT&T, Vodafone, Korea telecom, NTT DoCoMo etc. Intel has a firm assurance that the company is in perfect position to start and push the 5G world and to build the required system for the same.

General Manager of Intel, Aicha Evans, said that it’s our responsibility to join hands and take our networks to a new level. He also laid stress on the fact that such kind of major events are a great opportunity to present such big plans that are revolutions for the industry.

He also said that the company is building its portfolio of products in such a way that they are flexible enough to support the path of 5G.

After this, Intel announced a new set of Modems that supports the prototyping of 5G and also solutions for the same including wearable. The company also launched Intel XMM 7480 that has been designed for mobiles and PCs.

The benefits of LTE-A modem is that it helps in reducing development costs and also gives the time to the market by supporting bands of LTE to a number of 33 and it also gives a download speeds up to 450Mbps and it also helps in lower power consumption.