Sony launches the fastest SD CARD ever

Sony has rolled out is SF-G series of SD cards. Sony has claimed that the SD cards under this series are the fastest SD cards of the world. According to the company, these SD card come with a write speed of massive 299 MBps and with a read speed of 300MBps.

These new series of SD cards will be in the variants of 32GB to 128GB.These SD cards will be made available in market in coming months. The Pricing for these SD cards has not been announced by the company yet. KNineVox expects that the price will be announced later when these SD cards come in the market.

According to the company, this series has been specially designed for the DSLR camera users, videographers and professional photographers. The company said that its quick read and write function gives an edge to the professionals and also increases the performance for the digital imaging service providers.

The company says that these cards are intelligent enough to control the writing speed and these cards have a capability to maintain a constant high writing speed and thus boosting the cameras performance also.

The company will pair these memory cards with memory card readers to help the users to transfer the data to their computers very effectively and efficiently.

Some of the other features of these SD cards are:

  • Shock-proof

  • Waterproof

  • Anti-static abilities

  • Temperature proof

  • X-ray proof

With this, the company also gives there users an option to download a Sony’s software for free that will help the users to recover the lost photos and videos. Users can also recover the raw images and other important video files that have not been saves or accidently deleted.