Now experience Google Assistant on OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T have been one of the most successful mobiles in the Indian markets. This is the reason my experts are covering OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T very closely. Experts were expecting that Google assistant will make its way to your smartphone devices and now it has become true.

There was a time when Google Assistant was only made to feature in Google pixel devices, but now the time has come when Google Assistant has started to make its mark in other smartphones.

First third party smartphone users to get Google assistant are OnePlus 3 an OnePlus 3T users. To get Google Assistant in your OnePlus 3 devices you just need to update your respective Google apps and you will get Google Assistant in the smartphone.

OnePlus confirmed on Twitter that the OnePlus users will now get Google Assistant in their phones. In its notification OnePlus has also advised their users to update the apps regularly, especially the Google apps, this will help the users to get Google Assistant in the device. No software update is required for getting Google Assistant in your smartphone. Google assistant can be used by pressing and holding the home button of the device.


After the Google assistant is enabled on your device, it will work as your personal assistant. Acting as a personal assistant it will help you to get information, common knowledge. It will play your music, it will help you to make your reservations and also help you to find directions. Google assistant is better and have more feature than Google Now.

One of the main features of Google assistant is that when you will search some information on the Internet, besides giving you the link to the page of your required information it will also give and answer to your query in a friendly format. The Google Assistant also has the ability to remember your personal information like your interest, favorite places and your favorite food etc.

We have also received many queries from the owners of OnePlus 2 handsets and they have also asked us that when they will get Google assistant. As per our sources there is no confirmation yet that when will Google assistant we be launched to other devices. But we expect that Google Assistant will start coming to other devices in coming years.