Slimmest Watch with Continuous Heart Rate tracking now launched at Rs. 14,999

American company Fitbit has now launched its wristband named as “Alta HR fitness wristband”. According to the company reports, the launched watch device is the world’s slimmest wristband watch and it has a continuous heart rate tracking”. Till 15 April, the watch will be sold exclusively on amazon. This watch can be pre ordered through amazon India between 15thmarch to 31st march. This watch device has been priced at 14,999.After 15th April, this device will be available at all the retailer stores such as croma, Vijay sales, reliance digital etc.

With respect to international market, the Alta HR wristband watch has been priced at 149 dollars and thee company has also started to take the pre-orders for the same. There is also a special Edition of ALTA HR that comes in colour variants of Rose gold and gun metal. This special edition device is priced at Rs.16,999.There are also bands of the wear able named as classic which is priced at Rs. 2,999 and luxe which is priced at Rs.5,999.

Looking at the specifications of this fitness band, this band has a PUREPULSE technology of heart rate tracking. It has an automatic exercise recognition feature, it automatically recognizes sleep also. It has smart notifications feature also. According to the company claims, “Fitbit Alta HR” has a seven days battery life. The watch has a capability to analyse the heart rate in such a way that it can tell the amount of time that the individual has spent in the light and deep sleep. It also has the capability to record the wake up time so that you can note that what quality of sleep you are having daily.

The company also promises the fact that this device gives a reliable calorie burns also. Through this device, the company has given more focused more on sleep tracking. According to company, this device uses various data and heart rate variations that give an accurate data about the light and deep sleep stage of an individual.


James Park, the co-founder and CEO of Fitbit said that this device has got some powerful sleep tracking features that reflects the fact the how our company has been working to give innovative technology to provide users with detailed sleeping stats so that users can improve their health and look after their health plans well.

He also laid stress on the fact that with the help of PUREPULSE heart rate technology, there will be all new openings for the coming generations. The new shift in determining sleeping data will successfully give millions of users a chance to evaluate the sleep and health that was earlier possible only through the help of costly Lab tests.