Alexa learns to talk like humans and share emotions

Amazon Alexa must for a smart home is now more human. Alexa has learned new speaking skills which will allow her to do things like a whisper, take a breath to pause for emphasis, adjust the rate, pitch and volume of her speech, and more.

Now Alexa is getting more human, this is done by the company by making changes in its SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) which will help Alexa get humanize. Once these SSML codes are applied Alexa can whisper your sensitive information like passwords.

But still while reading, Alexa might sound robotic. Apple’s Siri was the one giving humorous reply’s but now its look like Alexa got it too but better than Siri, making jokes on itself and many more things.

These new features are available on Alexa skill builders in the US, UK, and Germany and they also can be previewed at Amazon’s voice simulator on the developer portal. With more regional variations and greater control on how and what Alexa says, Amazon is only likely to further its substantial lead in the digital assistant space.