Amazon Echo Look – will help you get dressed

Amazon brought a new device to its Echo family: the Echo Look. It consists of a camera that will help users get full-length photos and videos of themselves, specifically getting a look at their dressing sense. It is a smart camera that will keep you fashion focused.

Just like any other Echo product it will listen to your commands like “Alexa, take a picture” or a video and the device will take a picture of you and if you are taking a video you can spin around and check how you look. It is a great alternative to using alternatives.

The camera on the device uses a feature called Style Check, which will make use of machine learning, this device will tell you which of the outfits seem best on you. This feature will probably get better with time. The camera comes with a dedicated app and you can take a look at all the pictures that you have clicked using the Echo Look.

Similar to original Echo speakers you can ask Echo Look various questions like reading the newspaper, the weather forecast and more.


With this Amazon is trying to expand their fashion retail store as this device will give you suggestions about outfits that suit your style.

The Amazon Echo Look is priced at $199.99 which is $20 more expensive than standard Echo, but for now, it is only available to purchase via a special invite. You can request your invite for Echo Look at this link.