Samsung to fix red screen issue with a software update

Well, Samsung recently launched their newest flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, which received mostly positive reviews and what most believe to be the best smartphone in the market. This is something Samsung wanted as after what happened with their Note 7.

But now reports have come out that it’s already running into problems. One of the most common issues is the ‘red screen issue’. The display tends to have that red shade. There have been many pictures circulating in social media showing the affected phones alongside normal phones.

A Samsung spokesperson said:

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are equipped with Super AMOLED display to provide rich and vivid colors along with high sharpness and contrast. In the past, we have received feedback that consumers wanted the ability to customize the color setting of their Galaxy devices due to natural variations in displays, and we provided the option to do so in previous software updates. While the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have the ability for the user to modify the color of the display, Samsung has listened to feedback and has decided to release a software update starting from this week which will provide customers with a further enhanced ability to adjust the color setting to their preference.


It seems that Samsung is addressing these problems not even as an issue. They are just providing updates for customer’s comfort.

For now, the only solution that seems to be there is the update that Samsung is releasing and if you are one of the users experiencing the problem then you should check in the settings if there is any update for the device.