DJI spark – little brother of Mavic Pro

DJI is fully set to launch its new drone named DJI Spark. Having a huge amount of its pictures leaked on the internet it looks like the little brother of DJI Mavic pro though it’s not being officially launched by DJI.

As Spark is smaller than Mavic pro it seems to have fixed arm whereas Mavic pro had foldable arms and brushless motors similar to the Mavic Pro, just slightly smaller. There’s also a panel on the front above the camera that could hide additional sensors, so the Spark might have the ability to avoid obstacles.

DJI spark’s camera is mounted on a gimbal unlike the one used on camera Mavic pro. It seems like the camera on Spark will only be able to move upwards and downwards, capturing side views might be done by rotating the drone. But still, it’s not the sure specs of the camera.

Some say that it will be a selfie drone and some say that it will be a racing drone. Both things are possible due to its small size. Others have speculated that the Spark would be compatible with DJI’s FPV goggles — a must for any racing drone.


The leaked images show that it has the DJI’s characteristics and has a superb build quality. The battery design is similar to the Mavic.

The pictures of Spark are leaked but still, its controller is unknown. It might only work with a smartphone or might be DJI is keeping it a secret.

DJI launched its Mavic Pro saying its smallest drone but now there’s his little brother which looks similar to it and has a great build quality. Starting with the Phantom DJI has rapidly expanded its consumer drone line to hit different price points and each drone is unique in its way and that’s what the consumer wants.