Samsung Galaxy S8 official case is pretty strange

If you are thinking of buying an S8 you must also be thinking of buying a case for it for sure as you have paid a lot to buy this new flagship and you don’t wanna break it.

Now a days case is not just about protecting the phone, it’s about looks too. If you are buying this device for its looks you surely don’t want to end up buying this case.

This is Samsung’s official case which is a disaster in looks. Yes, of course they have other cases but what was Samsung thinking while making this case. After applying this the phone looks kind of a toy holding in hand. Well, more than case what is disturbing is there colors, if these would have a matching color to each other and to the device, then it would have looked much better. But they do have a wide of colors including black, blue, pink and mint, to name just a few.

These stick to the device through magnets. They, of course, protect your device from falling as they cover the edges of the device so they absorb the force on falling. They will be the first to break.


There are various other options for cases so that’s on to you now which one you want to buy.