Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review

Samsung has again made us “wow” on their latest flagship i.e. S8 and S8 plus. And this time they have thought of doing something different with their earphones unlike last times the Samsung earbuds are being replaced by AKG ones. And also did a great thing by not removing the headphone jack.

With an S8 or S8 plus you will also get AKG earbuds costing $99 in the box. These earphones as previously said have great build quality with half-built of plastic and half-built of braided fabric expect the ear tips which are made of plastic.

These earphones have slightly angled ear tips so that sound directly hit sound in your ears. But these earphones doesn’t have a good noise cancellation feature so you are going to hear people sound near you. But these earphones come with a really solid feeling mic and a remote. It’s thin and does a good job of staying out of the way and not weighing down the earbud.

One big issue with these earphones is that they don’t have a solid grip in ears, that’s what make really difficult for someone to keep them attached to their ears if they are not steady. But this problem can be fixed by changing the ear tips with some comply memory foam which were initially loaded with plastic ear tips.


These earbuds had a mixed impression on me after reviewing the whole thing. Comparing these earphones to those with same price range these didn’t do a good job but still, these are far better than the earphones which come with other smartphones.