No ads on new YouTube channels – YouTube puts up restrictions

If you are a new YouTuber and were thinking of earning some money from it, well here is a bad news for you. YouTube has put on some new restrictions on who all can make money thorough monetization of online videos on YouTube.

Well in a blog post YouTube stated that they will not serve ads on YouTube Partner Program videos until the channel reaches 10,000 lifetime views. That means all new content creators out there will not be able to make money off YouTube unless they have 10K lifetime views.

Earlier there was no such restriction, it was easy to get on YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and then the creators were able to go for monetization on their videos and they were able to get paid using ads immediately. YouTube has stated that this step has been taken to check the validity of a channel and by setting the restriction to 10K views they tried to ensure minimal impact on new creators. Well if you have earned some money before this and you have less than 10K views, don’t worry that money will not be affected.

Not only this, YouTube is planning to set up a review process for new YouTubers who apply for YouTube Partner Program. Once the channel has reached 10K views then that channel will be reviewed and if everything seems fine that channel will be brought under YPP.


Although it is a bad news for aspiring content creators but one thing to keep in mind is that the restriction is on views not subscribers. Getting 10K lifetime vies is quite easier than getting 10K subscribers.

Apart from YPP there are many alternatives of earning through YouTube videos, but all other are less stable and less profitable than monetization using ads.

By imposing these new restrictions Google and YouTube are trying to restrict the offensive and unacceptable content on their platform. It is an attempt to make YPP look cleaner and beneficial for content creators. As even if a channel gets 10K views, they will still be reviewed by YouTube before you are accepted in YouTube Partner Program.