Smasung S8 DeX – will turn your mobile into desktop PC

With the launch of galaxy S8 and S8+ Samsung also tried a concept of turning your S8 into desktop as smartphone processors have come to a point where they can handle VR without any frame drops, so Samsung tried to turn that power into desktop using Samsung DeX but wait this is not a new concept many companies like Microsoft and HTC have also tried but did not succeed.

Samsung has tried to give another shot to bring Android to the desktop so let’s see what it carries.

DeX is a circular dock with a lid with Samsung branding on it when the lid is pressed it slides upwards making room for mobile to hold vertically as it has a USB port with HDMI slot to connect it to the screen.

It also helps to charge the device and you can also attach Bluetooth accessories to save USB ports and also consisting a fan at the bottom.


It running an optimized version of Android which looks like a Window 10 OS, Samsung has worked with software companies to bring a good experience and optimization to the apps like Microsoft office Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., and the size of the windows can be adjusted which is a good point for multitasking but when the word multitasking comes, you will start to experience lag and hang but I have also seen that it is always not the same scenario it comes to what apps are you multitasking.

But if you want windows on your dock you can have it with simulators like VMWARE but that might not be the smoothest option.

So in our opinion, it might not be the best way to get a desktop experience as you have to carry a keyboard and mouse to operate with it and can’t do anything attractive that a normal laptop can’t do.