Olli turns images and videos into illustrated art

Sometimes just clicking a picture is not enough, and that is when you try out different photo editing apps. So today we have brought you a new kind of photo editing apps which will turn your pictures into cool illustrated art in real time.

Tinrocket launched a new photo and video filter app called Olli. When using for images it brings out nice effects but that is something that we have already seen in other editing apps, but what makes it stand out is the ability to provide a live preview.

Live preview can also be provided even on videos and the effects can be really astonishing. To get the best results from the app, the object needs to have clearly defined patterns. The Olli app also provides the functionality of sharing the photos directly from the app itself to services like Instagram.

One of the major issues with the app is that it is only available for iOS for now, so Android users are really missing out on something amazing. The other drawback Olli does not come free. You will have to pay $2.99. While it’s not that much but still it is expensive than most of the free apps out there.


So if you decide to spend your money to but this app, then surely you are not going to be disappointed by this app.