Reliance to soon launch Jio DTH services

Reliance JIO, the telecom operator that has been growing rapidly in India is soon expected to launch its new services named as JIO Gigafiber and JIO DTH services. These are just the rumors but these rumors are currently very active in the market.

One of the proofs for these services is that the recharges facility for these services have already been made available on the company’s website which means that these services are around to be launched in the near time.

Recently the photos of DTH set top boxes was seen online. After the photos were seen online, experts said the DTH services don’t look to be really different from other services providers.

In the case of JIO Gigafiber broadband services, the company is already testing the network in the cities of Pune and Mumbai. According to JIO official statement, it has been confirmed that the company is planning to Lunch such services but the company declined to comment further on this services until it is officially launched.


JIO Gigafiber has been built on the system named fiber to the home (FTTH).This kind of system has the ability to give a download speed of up to 1Gbps. Major player of this kind of network is ACT Fibernet. ACT Fibernet is offering the services at Rs.5,999 with a download speed of up to 1Gbps. So, in coming future we can see a tough competition between ACT Fibernet and JIO Gigafiber net services. At it is already expected that JIO Gigafiber services will be offered at very affordable rates.

Some experts were saying that JIO DTH will be a new revolution in the viewing experience for the customers, but after the DTH set top boxes photos were seen online, now it has been said that it will be just another DTH services in India.

We still have to wait for the official announcement on both of these services. We will cover the event closely and we will give you the latest updates on this news in coming weeks. Till then stay tuned KNine Vox for the further updates in the world of technology and software.