YouTube Go – Offline video sharing platform for India

Google recently launched the beta version of YouTube Go App which is available to download now. It is specifically designed after keeping in mind the offline video sharing and insights in India.

This app has been revealed last year, and it now delivers a new YouTube interface with a handful of new features. This app focuses on improving video streaming services in areas of poor connectivity and provides an efficient way to share and download videos.

YouTube Go controls your data consumption by letting you download videos at a lower resolution rather than streaming that video and also you will be able to watch a quick preview of the video before streaming or downloading that video.

It is made to be offline first, so apart from able to download the videos users can share their videos locally with friends over Bluetooth without requiring any internet connection.


Google will soon be releasing the final version of YouTube Go app soon, but before that Google is seeking feedback from users while this app is still in beta mode. An app that is marketed with the tagline “Mazze udao, data nahin”, will certainly be admired by the people in India.

If you want to get notified when the final version of this app is released, sign up here. And you can download the beta version of YouTube Go here. Well we will certainly be keeping an eye on the events of Google and will notify you when the final version of this app is released, so stay tuned with KNine Vox.