Ever thought of having images like Harry potter movie, well Prynt has made it real

Printing static pictures on a plain paper is such an old way, you might be wondering how can a picture be more interesting on a paper, well of course it can by printing moving pictures on a paper, won’t that be interesting holding a non-static picture in hand. You guys might have seen the moving pictures in Harry Potter movies which is now made real by Prynt’s new mobile printer named as Prynt pocket.

Well the images won’t be moving if seen with naked eyes but can be seen moving with Prynt’s mobile app. When you select a photo to print, the app will automatically upload the short video clip from the Live Photo. Whenever you or anyone else sees that photo with Prynt app he/she will be able to experience the moving images.

Prynt pocket is priced at $149.99, which is half the size from its older version which makes it more portable. Prynt pocket now can support all sizes of smartphones.

But images from this printer was not that good, some images after printing ended up looking cartoonish but it has a faster printing speed than before.