Future of OnePlus 3T ahead of OnePlus 5 launch

As the world is eyeing the launch of next flagship from OnePlus, there is a bad news for OnePlus fans. OnePlus 5 is supposed to be launched later this summer with a Snapdragon 835 but it has been officially announced that OnePlus 3T will be discontinued.

But there is a catch to the news, company also stated that OnePlus 3T will continue to be sold in Indian market until later this year as stated by IndainExpress.com.

OnePlus have said in a blog post that they will continue to provide software updates and support for OnePlus 3T, well it does not state for how long but you can expect updates till the end of this year.

They also stated that this might be the last time to buy this device as due to limited stocks. They are urging customers to buy this device before it runs out.


OnePlus 3T has been their most successful smartphone and performed great even against most flagships. OnePlus 3T is sold in India by Amazon and is available in two variants 64GB and 128GB.

So if you are looking forward to buying OnePlus 3T you should act soon, or it might be too late or unless you would like to stick with your old phone for a bit longer and have a go at the upcoming OnePlus 5. OnePlus 5 is supposed to have dual camera set up and will house powerful specs and probably a bigger battery.

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