Google whiteboard with 4K resolution goes on sale for $5,000

Google has launched a giant 55-inch touchscreen but not for entertainment purposes, instead, it is only used for business meetings in a new and an attractive way, it is called Google Jamboard.

Basically, it is a giant white board with a 4K touchscreen with a big pen and an eraser which do not do anything apart from touching the screen. They do not have any batteries or any electronic object in them, just a microfiber on eraser which is good as you will be cleaning while erasing.

It also has a camera on the front to broadcast the user to other places worldwide and you can even broadcast your screen to other people. It connects to other people through Hangouts. Also, a small scanner is attached to it for directly scanning ID card and connecting.

Jamboard works on Android OS and is specially designed for it. The best thing about it is that it can understand your writing easily. You can even browse the net on it and crop out a piece of information to the screen. You can adjust the position, size, color of the text by just pinching it and many emoji can be used to make an impression on board.