OnePlus 5 will be more powerful than S8 and Google Pixel

OnePlus is getting ready to release its latest flagship device i.e. OnePlus 5, which is becoming a flagship killer even before its launch. Yes you heard it right, leaks shows that OnePlus 5 will be more powerful than the existing flagship devices like the Samsung galaxy S8 and Google Pixel.

It might become the best android smartphone that money can buy.

It might be not surprising that OnePlus 5 will beat google pixel as pixel contains old components in it, but if we see OnePlus 5 against the latest flagship of Samsung i.e. S8 which is being powered up with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor has been defeated by OnePlus 5.

This full information is being posted by TechRadar in form of a list. The list shows that OnePlus 5 opens faster apps than s8 and pixel.


Whether it’s a graphic intensive app like the Real Racing 3 and Modern Combat 5, or if it’s a regular app, OnePlus 5 has made its lead in each space.

OnePlus is known for its low price with high specs, and that’s what they are doing with OnePlus 5.