Are you one of those who cheats in Pokémon Go – well this might worry you

Many people have found cheating in Pokémon GO. Using various tricks to travel various places sitting at home. But now Niantic has found solution for these people. You might be wondering that Niantic will ban these people. But no. They have found a new and impressive way to punish these people.

There are various things they are doing like letting those people only catch the worst Pokémon. Basically, the company has zero tolerance for players who use assistant apps that help track Pokémon or trick the game.

Since the game’s launch last year, some players have used third-party apps for mapping, GPS spoofing, or botting, all of which give players a leg-up in their hunting. Even YouTube is full of tutorials of how to do these type of stuff.

This is an excellent step taken by Niantic to correctly punish cheating people and to retain the fun of Pokémon GO to everyone.