Kaspersky Develops new technology to fight against Audio Spying

Russian firm Kaspersky Lab has decided to help the people to protect them from the threats in the form of Audio Surveillance. The security software firm has developed a unique way to stop the unauthorized access to the data related to Microphone. It has been designed for Windows devices.

This technology has been patented by Kaspersky and its main work is to filter the commands sent and received by windows audio.

It further works with the Application control feature to categorize all the programs based on their content, manufacturer, and quality.

By using this data, it arranges the programs in the list of untrusted programs that try to access your microphone. If such type of access request is made by these programs, its request immediately gets blocked.


Senior Security Researcher of Kaspersky Labs, Alexander Kalinin said that:

When it comes to audio protection, the main difficulty in the development of this technology was the existence of an audio stream multiplexing system within Windows so that several applications can record sound simultaneously.

However, this problem was resolved easily with help of our rich kernel driver infrastructure, which includes a mechanism to control commands between Windows services.

This service will be covered in the Kaspersky Total Security Solutions and Kaspersky Internet Security solutions.


This service is the first in its class and no other company has made any such advancement to protect the microphone data.

This feature is embedded in the form of Privacy protection in the Kaspersky Lab home security software. In addition to this, it also has a webcam protection feature that gives you the notification if some program attempts to access your data in the web browser or any other program.