‘Transformers 5’ weak in the US but shows sign of growth overseas

Transformers: The Last Knight, 5th and the latest edition in the Transformers franchise opened at the box office with a franchise low of $69.1 million from a five-day opening weekend over a production budget of $217 million. Transformers franchise finally took a blow as all the previous movies were huge hits.

The news from the US for the movie might not be good, but once again international box office came to the rescue with China offering the biggest help. The movie opened up with a massive international collection of $196.3 million, with China having the major share of contributing $123.4 million.

It is not something new when Chinese market has proven to be a savior for Hollywood movies. Recently the latest edition of Pirates of Caribbean opened up with lowest numbers in the franchise but earned remarkably well in China. So the Chinese market can certainly prove to be a boon for the Paramount studio.

But still, it is highly doubtful that this franchise will anyhow get close to the collections of the previous movies, with the previous edition crossing $1 Billion and other movies of the franchise also earning huge revenue.


Paramount also stated that they have plans for more movies in the Transformer franchise, and there will at least two more movies, and there is also going to be a spinoff around Bumblebee and will be released next year.

The movie around Bumblebee is said to be far cheaper than any other movie in the franchise and will start shooting later this summer. Then it will up to Paramount studios to decide the fate of the next movies of the franchise.