OnePlus 5 launched and here is the detailed specification

Every year, there are millions of users waiting for one single smartphone device. It used to be the most anticipated smartphone series of Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhone series. But now the market winds have shown a gradual shift, one device that makes it to the list of most awaited smartphone is “THE ONEPLUS 5”.

The moment has come; the time has given relaxation to the exciting nerves for the users who were waiting for the exceptional smartphone device. Finally, the new warrior of OnePlus series referred as a “truly premium flagship experience smartphone”: The OnePlus 5 is launched!

In the must awaited event streamed online, our expert team and analytics team have prepared all the specifications and new features of this smartphone.

We have complied out the fastest and more illustrative coverage on Oneplus 5 for our viewers. Here is the list of features that you get in the most awaited device of this year: The OnePlus 5



The OnePlus 5 comes with a stunning and slim design. Head designer of The OnePlus 5, Diego Heinz said that this is the slimmest ever flagship smartphone.

The device has a slightly curved line which is said as “horizon line”. The OnePlus 5 looks are of topmost premium quality and it is just 7.25mm in thickness. Making it truly a slimmest ever flagship smartphone. The device has same buttons and an added alert slider button.

On the downside, the device has a 3.5mm jack and a USB TYPE-C port.

Diego Heinz also said that the fingerprint sensor is the fastest responsive sensor with an ability to respond in 0.2 seconds. The device comes in two colors: Midnight Black and Slate Gray.



The company has clearly focused on the clarity of the camera. In the event, the official laid the stress on the fact that the company has tried to minimize the difference between a DSLR and smartphone camera. The official also illustrated the fact that why a DSLR captures a better quality photo than a smartphone by explaining the sensor size.

To minimize the gap between DSLR and a smartphone, the company has introduced a whole new sensor also. The company promises to give you an amazing photographic experience. These are the important point so the camera of The OnePlus 5:

  • 20+16MP back camera
  • Increased autofocus speed by 40%
  • Telephone lens and 16MP FRONT CAMERA
  • PD pixel area by 100%
  • Low light Large aperture (t/1.7) (lower the aperture number, larger the angle)
  • Highest resolution quality

The company has launched “SMART CAPTURE” technology in the camera. This makes the camera as one of the best cameras in the town. The features are as follows:

  • Automatic “De-noise” to improve low light picture quality
  • Greater clarity by improving the HDR algorithm
  • Better optimization of images
  • Automatic focus on face and background to give a best professional look to the captured photo
  • Pro mode: ISO, automatic white balance, manual focus, Histogram and optimization

Dash Charge and Battery:

The company explained the effectiveness of “Dash Power” in the coolest way. They showed a video of the comparison of charging time take by Samsung S8 Plus and The OnePlus 5.They also compared the charging capabilities of both the smartphones while using the phone and simultaneously charging it. In both the cases, The OnePlus 5 was the unopposed winner.


The device comes with an effective “3300mAh “battery. While explaining the charging abilities of this device, they gave a motto “Day’s Power in half hour”

Smooth Experiences(Processor):

The chairman of QUALCOMM himself introduced Snapdragon 835 chipset for this device and referred the device as the true flagship device experience.

He said that the 835 Snapdragon chipset is the “WORLD’S SLIMMEST 10NM CHIPSET”

The device has a 2.4GHz processor with Adreno 540gpm.The processor also has a fiber-like LTE support.


In this explanation, the chairman Said that this processor gives you an amazing graphic experience with more power and performance. The processor gives the device a dual image sensor and an amazing low light capturing ability as a normal human eye”



The OnePlus 5 comes with up to 8GB LPDDR4X RAM. This RAM gives the device a greater power efficiency. The other features of the well-improved RAM are as follows:

  • 20% more efficient RAM
  • CPU uses 40% less power
  • “APP PRIORITY”: Opens only the most priority apps when the device is opened. This helps in saving battery

UFS 2.1 Dual Lane Storage:

This advancement makes this device a superfast device for transferring the receiving data. The storage has been upgraded to 2.1 UFS from 2.0 UFS. Thus It makes this device “ 50% FASTER FOR READING AND WRITING ABILITIES”


Oxygen OS:

The company has focused on refining the user experience. The OxygenOS has been improved with two amazing features which are given as below:

New reading mode: The device now makes it easy to read books from the smartphone. The reading experience has been redefined. The papers on the device will look as warm as real papers and the color of the page will automatically change with the change in location to give minimum stress to your eyes.

Ambient sensor: Temperature management, better light calibration, and better viewing angles

Expanded Screenshot feature: This is an amazing feature. Now you have to press the screenshot button only once and the screen takes the screenshot and it continuous taking screenshots of all the screens by automatically scrolling down till the users stop it itself. Thus it makes screenshot taking experience a very user-friendly act.


New Vibration:

The company has improved the vibration type of this device so as it doesn’t irritate the user. The new vibration is stronger and quieter than the previously used in OnePlus 3T.


The company also explained the whole new system of hassle free service which will be fast and effective for the users.


OnePlus has shocked all the experts and vanished all the news that expected a very high price of this device. The device has been priced at $479 in the USA and 499 Euro in other countries. At this price, this device will definitely rock the smartphone market.

The device will be available worldwide by 27th June. The device can be pre-ordered by the European users. The device can also be bought at some centers on 22nd June including India (Bangalore).


Hence this was all about the detailed coverage on the amazing Oneplus 5 launch event. Full accuracy has been used while collecting the best and user specific data. If you find any error regarding our information, kindly inform us through about “contact us” page.

We will also bring a detailed hand on and user review of this device soon. Till then stay tuned with KNine Vox for more updates and news. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.