Latest stunning pictures of Jupiter taken from Juno

Many people wonder how Jupiter looks like. Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system which can fit 1300 earths in it, has some new stunning images which will amaze you. These images of Jupiter are made possible due to the spacecraft Juno which was locked in the orbit since July 2016.

Till now spacecraft has taken 5 close flybys of Jupiter. Although Jupiter can fit 1300 piles of earth in it still Juno takes only two hours to zip from pole to pole.

Spacecraft has taken images by zooming in 3,400 kilometers which decreased the width of the field of view but more details emerge. New data from the mission reveal that near the equator, ammonia rises from unexpectedly deep in the Jovian atmosphere. Such upwelling might fuel storms like these, but it’s too early for scientists to tell.

“It’s snowing on Jupiter, and we’re seeing how it works,” said Juno mission leader Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. Or “it could be hail,” he added. Either way, it’s not snow or hail as we know it. The precipitation is probably mostly ammonia ice, but there may be water ice, too.


These are the images taken by the Juno of Jupiter from Pole to Pole (from the North Pole to the South Pole)

Extraordinary isn’t it.