Audi launches its new Audi A8 which has a beast within

Audi just launched its new Audi A8 luxury sedan full of high-tech features in it. The launch event was at Barcelona. New Audi A8 has a fully new infotainment system, fully active electric suspension and a mild hybrid engine. Moreover, Audi claims that this car has Level 3 autonomy, which will make this car the most automated car on road after its launch.

New Audi A8 is also capable of self-driving. This car can be doubled down to self-driving mode making it fully autonomous. Audi calls this feature “Al traffic jam pilot”, meaning the car can drive by itself in slow moving traffic up to 60 kilometers per hour. This feature is activated through a button on the center console, which can take over to the acceleration, steering, braking and even starting from a dead stop all by itself without the attention of the driver. But there are of course some problems with this feature. The traffic jam pilot only works on highways with a physical barrier separating oncoming traffic, and the use of the system is subject to the laws of whichever jurisdiction you’re driving through.

With this feature, Audi has gone a step ahead from its competitors like the Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Cadillac. These cars have semi-autonomous assistance while Audi has come up with fully automated assistance.


Back at CES 2013, Audi showed off its self-parking feature which was assisted by an array of laser scanners embedded in the parking garage that communicated to the car over Wi-Fi. But now we can see how far Audi has come with its technology.

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