Phone that makes calls even without a battery

With the advancing technology, phones are getting faster, lighter and better and to some extent their battery life is also improving. But still phone manufacturers are not able to put a rest to our charging problems.

But imagine what if you had to make a call and the battery was dead. Well this unrealistic event may soon become a reality. Vamsi Talla a research associate at the lab of Joshua Smith previewed a cell phone prototype that had no battery but still was able to make a call.

“If you had to pick one device to make battery-free, what would you pick,” asks Smith. “A cell phone is one of the most useful objects there is. Now imagine if your battery ran out and you could still send texts and make calls.”

To make it possible they have to redesign the concept on which the mobile phones are developed. In order to make calls without a battery, phone will have to take energy from its surroundings.


Smith’s lab developed a technique backscatter, by which device is able to communicate by reflecting incoming radio waves.

Talla said:

Converting analog human speech to digital signals consumes a lot of power. If you can communicate using analog technology, you’re actually more power efficient.


Well the technology is still improving and voice calls are not really clear. Even the slightest of the disturbances will ruin your conversation. Talla has promised better quality calling and an E-Ink display for text messages on the next generation device. Smith also said that this device will also be cheaper than other similar mobile phones and more than that you will never have to worry about charger problem.