Gangnam Style not the most viewed YouTube video anymore

Well everyone is familiar with Psy’s Gangnam Style video song, the video made it to the most viewed video on YouTube thanks to the peculiar choreography and the catchiness of the song that made it a viral hit and it crossed the 2 billion mark.

But now we have got a new video on the number one spot, well not a new video at all. Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ crossed Psy’s video to become the most viewed video of all time on YouTube. Video also features Charli Puth and is having more than 2,897,165,204 views to be exact.

See You Again was written for the action movie Fast and Furious 7 and plays on the end credits. The song also acts as a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker who died in a car accident before the release of the movie. The song shows scenes of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel and scenes from the movie Furious 7.


As BBC News pointed out that Psy’s Gangnam Style became such a hit in 2014 that YouTube had to change its counter from 32-bit integer to 64-bit integer. Now a few videos have also reached 2 billion mark and we are already beginning to talk about a new mark of 3 billion.

Wiz Khalifa’s song might be at number one spot but it will soon be getting competition from Luis Fonsi’s Despacito which was released this year and has already racked up a huge 2.5 billion mark and is at number one spot this summer.