Google acquires Halli – Bengaluru based 4 months old startup at undisclosed price

Halli Labs is an Indian company headquartered in Bengaluru. The main focus of this company was to develop solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine learning.

Now this company has been acquired by Google. Ascertaining the potential in this company, Google acquired it when the company was just 4 months old. Google has been working hard on Indian markets by launching new services and features. Google is now looking forward to improve the translation and voice recognition features for the local languages.

It is being said that the founders of Halli were the team members of this company were the former members of marketplace named Stayzilla. Pankaj Gupta and Pradhuman jhala are the core members of this company.


The amount of the deal has been kept undisclosed and we expect that the details will come out soon from the officials of both the companies.

The Main focus of Halli Labs has been on Speed Recognition and Natural processing of Language.

The company has not been dealing with the public and it is just 4 months old. According to the blog of the company, “superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do whatever we want to do, better”

Now, we will see that how Google uses the resources of Halli Labs to develop better products for the Indian customers. Google has been advertising vigorously for its new improved features and this acquisition is seen as the advancement to that features.


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