Most of our galaxy came from distant stars along with Humans

Human existence and formation have always been a mystery, and there has not been a valid theory of how life came to earth. There has been a new research recently, which will certainly amaze you, suggesting that our existence might not be what we think.

A new paper was released by astrophysicists at Northwestern University which revealed that massive explosions from the dying stars might have been responsible for sending out material in space which was trapped in our Milky Way galaxy.

The process is also called intergalactic transfer, and it was discovered using advanced supercomputer simulations of dying stars. It was found out that a huge amount of mass was thrown out during supernova which could be carried between galaxies which allow new stars and planets to form in one galaxy by using matter that was ejected.


The following animation shows how the galactic material transfers between galaxies:

Well, this theory is really amazing as it suggests how our galaxy, our solar system, and life could be made up of matter that would have originated many light years away. The research also shows that this matter could travel for billion of years before settling in any other galaxy. So, possibly we could have traveled billion of years before reaching this stage.

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