Samsung topples Intel from top spot – becomes largest chip manufacturer

For so many years Intel has been the biggest chip manufacturer, but not anymore. Samsung in its second quarter earnings report registered a record profit of $12.6 billion, but that is not all. Samsung earned $54 billion in revenues and its semiconductor department – Samsung Semiconductors – brought in $15 billion, which is enough to overshadow Intel’s revenue.

This in result ended Intel’s 24-year reign as the biggest chip manufacturer and Samsung becoming the biggest name in terms of chips.

For Samsung it’s not only about outselling processors, Samsung has a range of products when it comes to chips and it has been diversifying its chips over the years. Intel has mainly focused on CPUs for computers and servers after scrapping its wearable division last November, but Samsung also got into chip making for mobile devices as well as for IoT devices and smart vehicles.


Samsung also came out with more popular SSD products, but Intel is not giving up on this rivalry as it announced that its next generation of Canon Lake 10nm chips will feature twice as many transistors as Samsung’s or TMSC’s, which will put Intel far ahead of Samsung.

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